Hall of Fame Inductees

The Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association inductees Ohio High School Basketball Coaches into its Hall of Fame each year. The first year of induction was in 1987 where 9 legendary coaches were inducted into the initial class.  The year, 2013, marks the 27h year that a class will be inducted in the Hall of Fame.  This years inductees include Bill Cady of Cincinnati LaSalle, Mike Gallagher of Wooster, Mark Huffman of Monroe Central and Carl Wolfe of Racine Southern.  The total now stands at 130 Members who have been inducted into the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

The procedure used for the selection of candidates into the Hall of Fame is as follows:  (1) Voting takes place at the OHSBCA Fall Meeting,  (2) No more than four people shall be inducted in any one year, (3) The candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be considered to be the Class for that particular year, (4) Committee will make a recommendation to the District Directors of the coaches to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, (5) District Directors will vote to approve the recommendation of the coaches to be inducted in the Hall of Fame and (6) A majority vote for each candidate is required.

The criteria a nominee must posses in order to be considered as an inductee are:  (1) coached Varsity for twenty years, (2) won 300 Varsity games, (3) was a member of the OHSBCA for the last ten years, (4) an active member in the OHSBCA as a Director or Officer, (5) coached in State All-Star Games, (6) achieved Tournament success and (7) retired from active coaching for one full season before his/her induction date. The criteria to be considered for Honorary Membership is the person must contributed to the total development of the sport of basketball in a non-coaching or coaching capacity.


* Denotes Honorary Member