How to Join the Association

The Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association is voluntary, non-profit organization that was formed in 1947 by basketball coaches in Ohio. Today, the OHSBCA is one of the largest coaches associations in the country with more than 4,000+ members. The objectives of this body include:

  • To promote a harmonious relationship between principals and coaches in their respective schools concerning the administration of the game of basketball.
  • To promote pure, wholesome, amateur interscholastic basketball in the schools of Ohio.
  • To help maintain the highest possible standards in interscholastic basketball and the basketball coaching profession, and to work together for the improvement of conditions in Ohio High School Basketball.
  • To secure a better understanding of the problems of high school basketball coaches and to place at the disposal of coaches, sources of information.
  • To have a representative group of coaches to which may be referred basketball problems of general interest in the hope of creating better relationships between high schools and a sympathetic understanding of all basketball problems.
  • To promote good fellowship and social contacts among coaches.
  • To honor and recognize players and coaches for their achievements and accomplishments in Ohio Basketball.
  • To honor and recognize other people outside the organization who promote Ohio Basketball.

How to join the association:

  • The Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association holds a membership drive each September,
  • The membership drive lasts until DECEMBER 31 of that year,
  • Applications for membership will be available on-line under FORMS begin September of each year,
  • Annual membership fees are $ 20.00,
  • Memberships are active one current season and
  • No membership will be accepted between January 1st until August 31st.